Friday, June 27, 2008

Evernote’s new and improved bookmarklet

On the heels of their impressive Grand Opening, the Evernote Blog is spotlighting their bookmarklet designed to quickly capture entire pages and sync them across Evernote’s desktop, web, and mobile platforms.  In their post and embedded video, Evernote suggests that it may well the be the elusive hybrid: both a notebook and bookmarking service.

What’s the toughest thing to remember? For me, it’s websites. Everyday, I visit tons of sites: blogs, shopping, news, recipes, and travel. It’s too much. I’ve actually stopped bookmarking because it’s so hard to find anything in the sea of links, and when I do go back, the page is often gone or changed. Since Evernote is a single place for all of your memories, (websites you visit are memories too, you know) we thought we could do better.

Introducing, the new Evernote Web Clipper, which gives you the ease and simplicity of bookmarking, but more importantly, also gives you context by saving the text, images, and links, including the source URL, right into your Evernote account. Once the page, or part of a page, is saved into your account, you can tag, organize, search, browse, edit, and remember it forever.

Evernote touts the bookmarklet as a way to archive complete pages for future reference. But in my testing, that didn’t hold up. The bookmarklet worked great for clipping bits of text and pictures. However, on quite a few sites I got an error message if I wanted to save the entire page. On other sites, I was able to clip the entire page. The behavior wasn’t predictable, though. Is there a character limit? An image limit? Does it depend on the site? Or is the raw size an issue?


Really, I don’t mind there being a few limits to the feature. But it’s annoying to not know what those limits are. Visiting Evernote support doesn’t really help:

If the Evernote Universal Clipper cannot clip the contents of the document you need, an alert will be shown. Try adding the content as a screenshot as described under Adding Screenshots below.

Basically, if you’re on the Desktop you can add a screenshot. Okay, I guess. It’s bizarre to me that they aren’t a bit more transparent about the limits of the bookmarklet.

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