Thursday, June 26, 2008

Google Notebook: Size Does Matter

Amazingly, I started this blog without being a subscriber to the Official Google Notebook Blog. I am seriously an amateur. I’ve now rectified that situation. Blogs for both Google Notebook and Evernote are now in my sidebar as well.

I just wrote a glowing review of Evernote, calling their public beta the “most impressive launch I’ve ever seen.” But I faulted Evernote for, among other things, the limited functionality of their Firefox add-on / web clipper. That’s definitely one area in which Google Notebook’s got their number.

A few days ago, Google Notebook added a nifty feature to their Firefox addon I didn’t even know I wanted: the ability to re-size the clipper window. Team member Nadav Savio explained the change.

[The] Google Notebook browser extension has always felt a bit cramped. It's small enough to leave open while I'm surfing and add new stuff, but not really big enough to easily view my existing notes. So you can imagine my pleasure that the latest release includes the ability to choose a size for the mini notebook! Now when I open up a recipe in my recipes notebook, it's big enough for me to follow along (no more imperfectly boiled eggs for this designer!).


This kind of flexibility is another reason I may still prefer using Google Notebook to Evernote, despite the latter’s impressive arsenal of features. I may yet switch to Evernote, but for now I’ll stay put.

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