Saturday, June 28, 2008

Has Firefox 3 made unnecessary?


Today, Lifehacker covered a new utility called to Firefox that merges your Firefox and Delicious bookmarks together, so that you can take full advantage of the so-called Awesome Bar in Firefox 3. Hacker’s Adam Pash suggests that once you’ve combined all your bookmarks into Firefox’s outstanding new bookmark manager and address bar, “you may not even need anymore. (unless you’re into the social aspect).”

The same thought has dimly occurred to me, as well. But I had stubbornly put it out of my mind because I absolutely love the Delicious Bookmarks plug-in. When it was released in 2007, it changed the way I used Firefox and it renewed my love for the only social bookmarking service I had ever used.

But the more I use Firefox 3, I’m noticing that I’ve stopped clicking the bookmarks in the Delicious Toolbar or searching in the side bar. Instead, I’m using the Awesome Bar to get around the Web more and more. Why? Because it finds the pages I’ve browsed recently without having to bookmark a thing. But suppose I want to bookmark something? Firefox has got my back. I can click the star to save a link. If I want, I can add tags and comments, too.

“Wait,” I say to myself, “Delicious Bookmarks syncs your bookmarks across machines and makes them available on the Web. Firefox doesn’t do that.” True. For that you need the Foxmarks add-on, an elegant utility that recently got itself compatible with Firefox 3.

It’s getting spooky in here for the fanboy. Let’s take a detailed, side-by-side look at Firefox 3 and Delicious Bookmarks.

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The Delicious Bookmarks add-on made social bookmarking useful and easy. The high degree of integration with Firefox suddenly made all your shared bookmarks quickly accessible within your browser, where you needed them the most.

Now, Firefox 3 includes a powerful bookmarking system and Awesome Bar that rivals, and perhaps surpasses, the revolutionary add-on. And since other approaches to bookmarking are arguably more social than Delicious (e.g., Diigo, StumbleUpon, Yoono), Firefox's bookmarking improvements mean that you may not be locked into Delicious anymore.


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