Monday, June 30, 2008

Using Evernote Mobile in the real world

Earlier today I had a car accident (details here, if you want ‘em). Never one to let a notemarking opportunity go by, I snapped some photos with my BlackJack II cell phone and the Evernote Windows Mobile app.

The photos are now available in my public Evernote note stream. I’ve shared the notebook widget below…

As I’ve already said, the Evernote mobile client is seriously impressive. Any text or photo notes you take can be automatically uploaded to an instant mobile blog. You can also upload voice memos. And all of it can be synced with Evernote’s web app and desktop client. While I still prefer Google Notebook for web clippings, I don’t think there’s any simpler method for creating a multimedia mo-blog than using Evernote.

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