Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Evernote release: Smartly done Delicious importing

In an email last night, Evernote announced several updates to their various platforms, including a flexible import feature for Delicious bookmarks:
You can now import your Delicious bookmarks right into Evernote. To do this, click the link above to sign in your account, then click the "Settings" link. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Import Delicious Bookmarks, then follow the instructions. The import process will bring over links, tags (optionally), and any associated notes. Each bookmark will become an individual note. Delicious limits the number of people that can use the importer at the same time. So, if it's busy, just come back in a bit and try again.
I gave the feature a try last night, and I’m really impressed with how well Evernote has implemented this feature. I’ll take you through the screen shots.

Evernote promises a “simple 3-step process,” and it is simple, but they give you lots of options.

After inputting you Delicious information, Evernote allows you to decide what gets imported, and how you want it to look.
  • Import all bookmarks or filter by tag.
  • You can choose to retain tags or strip them.
  • Select a destination notebook or create a new one.
This last step is critically important, and awesome. Evernote tells you exactly how many bookmarks it’s fetching and more importantly, they let you know how many tags you’re about to add. When I got to this step, I decided I didn’t need to add all those tags to an already crowded sidebar. Indeed, one of my criticisms of both Evernote and Google Notebook is the lack of a space-saving tag cloud option. I certainly don’t need a line for every tag. But I digress.

What do your Bookmarks look like once they’re imported?

Well, this is still my least favorite thing about Evernote: the default view is optimized for photos and drawings rather than text. But you can switch over to list view.

Either way, the date and time info is prominently displayed. Some people will really like this, because Delicious deprecated the timestamp feature in its recent update.

Overall, I’m extremely impressed. Evernote continues to do the little things very well, and this flexible Delicious import feature is just more of the same. As I’ve said before, I’m a fairly dedicated Google Notebook user. But Evernote is a great option for lots of people. Their approach to bookmark integration is certainly much more elegant and configurable than Google Notebook. Add that to their unbeatable sync options and superb mobile apps, and *presto* you’ve got your Delicious bookmarks on your freaking phone.

That’s pretty compelling.

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