Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Does Twine finally have their shit together?

A while back, I wrote about Twine and criticized the service for, basically, being slow as shit. Well, today the service leaves private beta and opens to the public. To celebrate, they’ve put together a jokey, NSFW video that aptly describes the site’s purpose and mission:

You use Twine to collect, find some shit, and share that shit with people you know.

Viewing it, I wondered if the self-described “Delicious on steroids” might finally have their shit together. Nope. At least, not from a speed perspective. The site is still too slow and unresponsive to displace its main competitor, Social|Median. Social|Median might be more unfocused and cluttered, and all its features don’t work all the time. But SM is a helluva lot faster than Twine and it has some nice features that actually set it apart from simple bookmarking tools. Even without the ‘roids.

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