Monday, November 3, 2008

Delicious Bookmarks add-on closer to syncing with Firefox?

A new beta version of the Delicious Bookmarks Firefox add-on uses SQLite to store your bookmarks locally instead of RDF. In a post on the Delicious Bookmarks group, product manager Jared Elson said the switch would result in some serious improvements:

1. Extension should be much more stable and usable for users with
large accounts
2. After the initial conversion of your existing RDF file to SQLite
syncing will be faster and more reliable
3. Corruption experienced in previous versions of the extension with
RDF should be a thing of the past

But I wonder whether the SQLite conversion might also help the Delicious team make good on its promise to enable some form of syncing with Firefox’s native bookmarking and history system, Places. You see, Firefox 3 also switched to SQLite as its internal bookmark database.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what advantages a SQLite database has over an RDF, nor am I sure whether Delicious and Firefox using the same storage framework will actually aid their synchronization efforts. So the question in the post title is genuine. Could this alignment in storage methods mean Delicious-Firefox syncing is closer to becoming a reality?

I hope so.

For now, I’ve been using the beta version on two machines for more than a week, and I’ve noticed the performance improvements are real. The bugs seem to be gone, and the add-on is finally handling my favicons properly. You can download the beta if you click here.

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