Saturday, December 6, 2008

How to bork your bookmarks, delicious-style.

Step 1.
Read this post, in which Delicious announces their updated Delicious Bookmarks Firefox add-on. The addon:

has received a major behind-the-scenes change as we moved from using RDF to SQLite for storing the bookmarks. This means that the add-on is faster and more stable, especially for users with large accounts. It has been updated to work with Firefox 3.1 Beta and now works on Firefox 2.0-3.1b1 on Windows, Mac, and most Linux distributions that support Firefox.

Exciting, huh?

Step 2
Install the update, as requested by your Firefox add-ons manager.

As it synced for the first time, I noticed the progress bar was making a lot of progress, but I only had 39 bookmarks (out of 1894). Turns out, after the full update, that was still all I had. 39 bookmarks.

Okay, that’s okay. Let’s try this: Delicious Options—>Advanced—>FULL SYNC.


Yes. That’s what I need. Go little green progress bar, GO!

Uh, wait, what’s this?  I now have zero bookmarks. And I’m not the only one.

Look, I love Delicious Bookmarks. And I know they’ll fix this. But this update is only one in a long line of updates to this venerable add-on, all of which were intended to fix some prior grievous error. This certainly isn’t the first time I’ve had a serious problem, so I’ve been a regular reader of both the Delicious Forum and the Yahoo Group for the Delicious Bookmarks Firefox add-on. I am only one of many users who are waiting for the day when everything will just work as advertised and as hoped. Said one poster about this latest update:

Finally a new version that hasn't created more problems than it fixes. Also, thank you for allowing capitalized tags again. I had about given up on it ever being fixed, and was looking into other bookmarking options.

From my end, it appears he spoke too soon. I am aware that Delicious has updated their site to include streaming audio bookmarks, and that is very cool. But I’m necessarily focused on my own little problem right now, and I’m hoping that a fix comes soon. I also hope that the fix doesn’t break something else.

I kid.

Because I love.