Monday, March 16, 2009

Shareaholic homepage gets a makeover

One of my favorite Firefox add-ons has fancied up their landing page quite a bit this evening. It’s a good time for me to tell you how much I rely on this one little extension. Basically, it’s a bookmarklet aggregator that allows you to consolidate some of your most used Web tools into one easy button.

What sites does it support? A lot:*

Share Icon buzzster! connotea delicious digg diigo evernote facebook foxiewire friendfeed gmail google bookmarks google reader healthranker kaboodle magnolia meneame mixx myspace plurk reddit simpy soup streakr stumbleupon techmeme tipjoy truemors tumblr twine twitter weheartit yahoo buzz ycombinator news

Sure, you could just collect all your bookmarklets in a single folder on your toolbar (and even sync them using Xmarks), but it wouldn’t be as elegant. Besides, Shareaholic also shows you how many times certain pages have been shared or Dugg, something a normal bookmarklet can’t do.

But as much as I love Shareaholic, I think there’s still some room for improvement:

  • For starters, there should be a sync feature that ports your preferences across browsers.
  • In the same vein, why not aggregate all the links you share regardless of the service you use? It could be one garage that tracks all your sharing activity. Of course, you’d need granular privacy settings, but Shareaholic could still collect aggregate data that allowed to amass Web-wide statistics similar to AddThis or Add to Any. This might be a better use for Shareaholic’s sister site, Bzzster.
  • A killer feature would be the ability to add your own bookmarklet to Shareaholic just by dragging and dropping.
  • But if they can’t do that, at least add some important missing bookmarklets (e.g., Amazon’s  Add to Wishlist, Posterous, and the new and totally awesome Likeaholix).

A while back I submitted a Delicious bug to Shareaholic co-founder Jay Meattle, and he promptly resolved my issue with an experimental build that fixed the problem (the latest version includes that fix). He could not have been nicer. I also shared my Amazon recommendation with him, so hopefully that will be part of the next version. Until then, it’s not leaving my browser anytime soon.

*Note that my current version of the add-on (1.6) doesn’t have support for Evernote and does not include the newly updated Twine bookmarklet. I assume he’ll be adding support for these soon soon.

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