Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Win a scanner darkly


Me: So I saw your Twitter message just now. What the hell is “#evernote_scansnap”?

Eve666: Oh, it’s so awesome. You know that thing where, like, companies were giving away free Macbooks and iPhones on Twitter if you add their hashtag to your posts?

Me: Yeah, I guess. So this is like #moonfruit and #squarespace?

Eve666: Yeah, well, Evernote is doing the same thing, except they’re giving away this bad-ass scanner. All you have to do is tweet publicly to @evernote with the hashtag #evernote_scansnap somewhere in your message.

Me: hmmmm

Eve666: But it’s kinda dumb too, because unlike the other ones, where you could put those tags in all your tweets and have lots of chances to win, Evernote is limiting entries to only one per week.

Me: I see. So you’re kinda bummed because Evernote is taking a quasi-ethical approach to the whole “co-opt your twitter feed” thing.

Eve666: ..

Me: I mean you’re upset because you won’t be able to spam your friends with bizarre promotional hashtags quite as often as before.

Eve666: This is NOT spam.

Me: So you’ve asked all your friends, and this is what they expected when they agreed to follow all your updates?

Eve666: What is your deal? It’s just a few characters. And in exchange I get a freaking sweet scanner.

Me: No. You get a chance at winning a free scanner.

Eve666: ..

Me: And the chances of you winning go down the more douchebags there are who think spamming their friends with ads is a good idea.

Eve666: (away)

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