Thursday, August 25, 2011

Do the Collapse: How to Speed Up Evernote's Web Client

Is Evernote, like, SUPER slow for you on the Web? Even if you're using Chrome? It's probably your fault. You might have too many damn tags. It might help to collapse your tag menu in the left hand column. Evernote's web interface was glacially slow for me, but I checked the forums. Sure enough, users who collapsed their tags were able to resolve the issue. Worked for me, too.

See, a long time ago I made a mistake. I ignored my own advice and imported all my Delicious bookmarks into Evernote. I also made the fateful decision to retain my tags. Basically, where before I had fewer than 100 tags, I now had thousands. This is what's been slowing down Evernote on the Web for me. Evernote doesn't even offer Delicious importing anymore, but if you made the mistake earlier, as I did, doing the collapse might help you.

Problem solved, right? Sure, but I have one more suggestion for Evernote and CEO Phil Libin. He once commented here, so maybe he'll see it. Give us poor users with thousands of tags a way to "delete unassigned tags." See, I've deleted my Delicious bookmarks, but all the tags I imported are still there. Sure, I have the option of hiding unassigned tags. But deleting them would be even better.

Consider it another step Evernote can take toward perfection.

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