Friday, January 27, 2012 is better than Summify

Now that Summify's been purchased by Twitter, I've been trying out as an alternative.

I'm a couple of days into receiving my daily emails from and I'm already preferring it to Summify for two reasons, one of them trivial and one of them substantial. The trivial thing first: I love that doesn't put an awful-bar with proprietary URL when you click a link in your email. You just get the story you clicked from the original story. Second, and more importantly, is serving up compelling links that I actually missed.

Summify seems to collect all the links that were shared by a ton of people I followed. By the time the links show up in my email, I've already seen them blowing up my Twitter and Facebook. In contrast, has been serving up links I didn't see all over the place the previous day, but which seem pretty interesting to me the next morning. With the content is both relevant and new.

I wonder how they're doing it. Maybe they're purposefully eschewing links that have been shared by a ton of people, figuring you've seen them already. Then they find items that have been shared a lot, but NOT by the people you follow? That's my guess anyway. may also be using your "favorites" as a way of determining what's relevant to you. If you try, you should definitely check the box that "imports" your Twitter faves. Two big advantages to doing so: first, the potential increase in relevancy for your email summaries, and second the nice Read It Later stream it creates from your selections.

To sum up, I love it. I haven't tried the iPad app yet and I'm looking forward to their incorporation of the Facebook stream. But as a Twitter summary, in terms of cloning what Summify was doing for me, I prefer